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Nathan’s a huge fan of indie rock musician Moi Navarro, so he agreed to star in Moi’s “Superman” music video alongside his gf.

Check out his smooch with Madisen in the super cute vid, and tell us what you think of the song!

Kress made his debut with the 1998 comedy-drama film Babe: Pig in the City where he played the voice role as Easy / Tough Pup. He first appeared on American late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! He appeared for a total of five episodes on the show from 2005 to 2006. He started taking his health seriously in July 2009.

Now, he just goes to the gym and exercise is like his part of life. He eats mostly healthy and has kept a cheat day (Friday or Saturday night) to eat his favorite foods.

I won't give out the name, because there are too much stalkers in the world, too much judgment, and criticism and I'm sure that his gf would want a lot of space. I'll be completely honest, I don't know him, but I half-heartedly know a girl who is friends with him. the cool thing about boo boo is that if you actually meet him in person he's really nice and will answer as many questions as he can I've met him three times at the new moon and eclipse premiere he came before the premiere started on eclipse which was cool I even got pictures with him and I asked him if he has or had a girlfriend and he said no. And I am a fan and I agree he's hot, but really, to go so far as to discuss whether he has a girlfriend or not is just wrong. I'm sure he would love to be treated like that also, instead of going deaf from people screaming at him and hugging him. I'm good friends with Booboo and I know for a fact he is single. Whoever is running this thread, this is a personal message to you. I even know his facebook name (as of course he wouldn't actually go by Boo Boo Stewart).

Well sorry to the people in category C, but honestly, anyone can use photoshop to make it look like you've been with Boo boo...... That is a complete lie that he is dating some Jemma girl. He even went to a telethon in Australia and came to see her.

i mean, maybe some people DO know him but the others....? It could be true that he isn't dating but it bothers me all the same. I guess when I hear this stuff I only wish too much that it isn't true. "We found it at the same small-town jewelry shop that Nathan's mom got her wedding ring 30 years ago. Funny how things work out :) #Charlottesfinejewlery #antiquerings." , which Nathan starred in."Thank you ALL for the congratulations and joyful blessings upon us and our upcoming marriage, you guys mean the world to us! "I'm so excited to just do monotonous things with you" --my fiancé everybody ♡." News of Nathan's engagement comes months after he and his former girlfriend, Madisen Hill, called it quits in October 2014 after four years of dating.He has appeared in several print adverts and television commercials as a child model.Christianity Playing the lead role as Freddie Benson in the Nickelodeon’s teen sitcom i Carly from 2007 to 2012.

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Like seriously does the whole effing world know him?? God He does have a girlfriend, they have been together for about a year and a couple of months. and how many people know the girls in their school that our dating him!? Btw, where can i see the interview where he says he's not dating? I'M pretty sure that boo boo doesn't have a girlfriend and if he does i understand why he wouldn't tell the whole world guys are going INSANE!! And girls i know you have feelings for him or you're completely gone loco for a guy you don't even know and probably never even met besides through your computers. but i wouldn't cry and scream and hug him as soon as i saw him. the screaming, the staring, the occasional paparazzi hiding behind that fake palm tree in the mall with a bush on his head. I'm assuming you're not from Australia so guess what buddy YOU HAVE AN ACCENT TOO!!

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