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Validating datagrid flex

' The ADO Data control is connected to the Northwind database's ' Products table.The new query asks for all records which have ' the Supplier ID = 12.You can, however, force the grid to reset all columns by first invoking the Clear Fields method. The Number Format property changes the format of any column that contains a number without changing the format of the actual data.Once the Data Grid is connected to a database, you may want to monitor which cell the user has clicked. For example, given a grid with a column named Product ID that contains integers, the code below will cause the Data Grid to display the values in the format "P-0000." In other words, although the actual value held in the Product ID field is "3," the value displayed by the grid will be "P-0003." Note Both the Cell Value used above, and the Cell Text value used below, require the bookmark property as an argument to function correctly.I fixed a minor bug and made it as a js file, so to use it, just download the js file (remove the .txt) and add this to your html code.

For example, you may have several ADO Data controls, each connected to different databases, or set to different Record Source properties.Turns out you can manually change a property on the text field.The Data Grid control is a spreadsheet-like bound control that displays a series of rows and columns representing records and fields from a Recordset object.Simply reset the Data Source from one ADO Data control to another: When using the Data Grid control with a remote database such as SQLServer, it's possible that the structure of the table may become altered. In that case, you can invoke the Rebind method to recreate the grid from the new structure.Note that if you have altered the columns' layout of the grid at design-time, the Data Grid control will attempt to recreate the current layout, including any empty columns. Col End Sub The Cell Text and Cell Value properties are useful when a column has been formatted using the Number Format property.

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Today I ran into a situation where I needed to clear the error flag from a form field in Flex.

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