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Spanish television dating show

The series has all the drama and intrigue of Downton Abbey, and will keep you guessing on what twist will come next.Also, Gran Hotel is largely filmed at the beautiful Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander so it's a double win for me because I adore the palace and accompanying park.They go back and forth having to answer a question correctly in a certain time period.The main contestant has three 'lives' but if any of the other contestants gets the answer wrong, they are dropped through the trapdoor and the center contestant gets the money that dropped contestant had.

My boyfriend would always tell me that channels one through six are the most important, and at his house you can always guarantee that when you turn on the TV one of those channels will be on.If it's wrong they lose their money on the wrong answer, but if right they keep it and move up the levels.It may sound confusing but watch for yourself, but it's a great show! It's a fun show to watch as contestants that answer incorrectly are literally dropped from the trapdoor where they are standing!It's something that is watched all together at the end of the day and on the weekends.On Sundays when my boyfriend's grandfather came for lunch we would all always watch the movies aired in the afternoon.

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Atrapa un Millón is my favorite of these three game shows.