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And we don't eat venison anyway, nor will I ever eat it.But, providing the reindeer are treated fairly, I don't see why it should be a problem.Nerisha Besesar, an associate in Durban law firm Shepstone & Wylie’s litigation department, said someone under 18 had no legal capacity to enter into a contract, and the boy clearly didn’t understand and appreciate the terms of the contract.And even if there was a binding contract, she said, a legal defence could be the poor disclosure of the service’s cost, which contravened the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act and the fact that it could be considered to be “unconscionable conduct in terms of the Consumer Protection Act”.

The sex chat line company which the investigative TV show Carte Blanche featured recently was another company, My Way, but its modus operandi is virtually identical. It will be recorded, and your parents will probably hear it, or at least read the transcript.They can become so distraught their muscle can waste away,' Lidly have defended the sale and insist their meat is from reindeer fed on 'local aromatic herbs and grass' and (from deer who) 'live in their natural habitat and have plenty of space to move around' I personally wouldn't serve it up to my family.My daughter would be mortified, and we are a bunch of christmas fanatics, and Rudolph is a big character in our family at Christmas.When he didn’t pay, he started getting threatening SMSes, voicemails and e-mails.A person over the age of 12 who commits a crime can be held liable for the offence, they said; they threatened to play the call recording in court and seek judgment against the father for the unpaid debt, and have his salary garnished.

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The upshot is in order to pay that “naughty special” of R100 for the service, the caller has to be sharp enough to call back and get the banking details, and pay within three days.

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