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The Heritage Conservation Society - Batangas Chapter found out that the Bauan Municipal Hall, an exceptional Art Deco building in Batangas, is scheduled for demolition next month. There is also a proposal to demolish the Bauan East Central School for the construction of a terminal. 10066 which prohibits the demolition of structures fifty years or older without the approval of the NCCA.Yours sincerely, Nathaniel von Einsiedel President Gemma Cruz-Araneta Chairperson cc: NCCA-CMS, NHCP, NM, DOT, DILG, Provincial Government of Batangas BAUAN MUNICIPAL HALL INSPECTION & MEETING October 18, 2011 BACK TO OFFICE REPORT Inspection Team: • Nathaniel von Einsiedel, President • Ivan Anthony Henares, Vice President • Rene Luis Mata, Treasurer Purpose: Based on the earlier actions taken by the Heritage Conservation Society (HCS) regarding the planned demolition of the existing Bauan Municipal Hall, the HCS was invited by the officials to Bauan to inspect the building and discuss the matter.The HCS team travelled to Bauan and met with the following Bauan officials: • Atty.The Art Deco details of the municipio are exceptional, speaking of the wealth of the Commonwealth era.

Dolor of Bauan, Batangas to stop the planned demolition of the Bauan Municipal Hall because it violates RA No. This makes Bauan unique and culturally important which can be used to enhance the town’s economy.The HCS team agreed that such a move will indeed be costly, and that it is not advisable to relocate the facade anyway because doing so violates the principles of heritage conservation. Castillo added that transferring the façade may cause damage to it. The HCS team explained that this idea runs counter to the fundamental principles of heritage conservation as cited in the Venice Charter (see Annex). The HCS team agreed to this and assured the Bauan officials that it will do its utmost to make sure that the construction schedule for the new building will not be affected by the preparation of the integration design. HCS will meet with the Historic Preservation Division of the NHCP & Archt.Quin Baterna to help them come up with the best solution for integration of the Art Deco façade with the new municipal building. After the integration of the façade into the new municipal hall, the HCS will assist Bauan in formulating a tourism program in coordination with neighboring LGUs."Now, whether there was an actual and literal link between the architecture of the municipio and the school - for example, was the school designed by an architect who apprenticed at the firm that designed the municipio, etc., or was the architectural profession back then just that much more in tune with the genius loci or spirit of the place that all structures shared a responsiveness to it - I don't know."But what I do know is that if those structures are demolished, what will replace them will most likely not hold a candle to them. Much of what my profession builds today oscillates between the vacuous and the vapid." According to Architect Melvin Patawaran of Dep Ed's Heritage Schoolhouse Conservation Program, "The [Bauan] Gabaldon has a unique callado design and has a nice vista from the street as it is placed on higher ground." He adds that he plans to recommend the Bauan East Central School for inclusion in next year's conservation program.

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According to Architect Rene Luis Mata, the façade of the existing municipal hall is original and clearly a Juan Arellano design because of its striking similarity in degree of detail to the Metropolitan Theater. The HCS team also noted the addition of certain features to the original structure, such as the concrete canopy over the main entrance to the building, the precast concrete sun baffles on what used to be openings of the front corridor of the building, the concrete eaves over these openings (presumably to prevent rain from entering the openings), and concrete decorative pillars supporting the eaves. There were people sitting on the floor, suggesting the lack of space to accommodate visitors conducting business with the municipal offices. The entire interior reflected the building’s old age and need for additional space. The HCS team also noted that demolition of parts of the interior has started, although the facade remains untouched. The HCS team reemphasized its recommendation that the facade of the existing building be retained and integrated with the proposed new building based on the very high heritage value of the existing building and the fact that the design of the new building can still be altered to enable this integration. Ivan Henares added that it would be most beneficial to Bauan if it were conserved as it can catalyze the tourism industry of the municipality. New features added to a heritage building do not make it less older than it already is. De Lacy expressed their concern that the integration of the existing building’s facade and the new building might entail additional cost. Quin Baterna, the architect engaged by Bauan to design the proposed new building, meet as soon as possible to come up with the appropriate design integrating the facade of the existing building with the proposed new building.

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