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com top-level Internet domain közdomainjei under delegated domain names the subject of a dispute arising out of court (alternative) dispute resolution forum in which this task of the Hungarian Internet Providers Scientific Council of the request of the Domain Registration Rules and present rules of procedure carried out.6th: Döntnök the umpires list, and dispute resolution, the contribution of the present rules of procedure in writing a natural person may be taking.The umpires may be a list of recognized experts who have the domain registration, information on the Internet and legal issues in the field of jártasságukról already been sufficiently demonstrated.Failure to pay your Renewal Fees prior to the due date will result in a fee of 0 to renew your hu domain.There may be a restore period between when the domain expires and when the domain can be registered again.Registration Döntnök Rules of procedure for top-level Internet domain under delegated közdomainjei domain names the subject of disputes arising 1st: Registration Döntnök (Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum) directly to the.

Com top-level domain under delegated public domain formed the subject of debate.

In the absence of such confirmation Registration Döntnök two more times attempting to electronic documents sent to the recipient.

If one does not arrive in time for Döntnök Registration confirmation, the shipment by mail, registered, recorded delivery letter to be sent to the recipient.

Request an applicant applied for only one other, but the subject of several domain name may bring forward.

The application is submitted simultaneously with the registration process of the Döntnök Appendix Döntnök account established in the Registration fee to be paid.e) the applicant's presentation to the requested domain name applied for by the use of what violates the Applicant's right to or legitimate interest in the name of the indication that a valid Hungarian and Community Right-protected name, or a use of the Applicant by a Hungarian Community or authorized by law;f) the Applicant's performance, why the same or may be confused with the requested domain name with the name of which the Applicant is entitled to use, and why illegal or fraudulent claim to the domain name applied for, or use;iv.

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If the council of three members to the procedure applied for calls to the Registration Döntnök it will only meet if it is a personal process and a three-member council to pay the difference between the procedure applied for the documents in response to sending the same pay.

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