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Over the years the Monkland Tennis Club has seen some fine tennis played and produced more than its share of age group Canadian Champions. The following year it became the property of the Protestant School Board which sold the land to The Westmount Athletic Association in 1923 when a clubhouse and 13 courts were built.

The Club hosted the 1962 Quebec Open and the 1964/67 Canadian Open where club members got to see the likes of Roy Emerson, John Newcombe, Cliff Drysdale and Tony Roche play. In 1936 the Protestant School Board reacquired the land and the Club became part of the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association.

Their record was 7-1 and they competed with the Ottawa Generals (6-2), the Montreal Crystals (3-5), the Quebec Hockey Club (2-5-1) and the Montreal Victorias (1-6-1) of the AHA. The only thing he was not certain about was how the Montreal people managed to win all the decisive games. Sweetland, and finding out to their own satisfaction that there was not, the regular business of the meeting was proceeded with.

The final game was played Febuary 18, at the Victoria Skating Rink in Ottawa. When the minutes had been adopted the report of the secretary was read. The treasurer's statement, which has already been published in the GAZETTE, was also confirmed.

Nevertheless, the quest for his trophy has become one of the world's most prestigious sporting competitions.

2008-09 - Pittsburgh Penguins 2007-08 - Detroit Red Wings 2006-07 - Anaheim Ducks 2005-06 - Carolina Hurricanes 2004-05 - Season cancelled due to labor dispute 2003-04 - Tampa Bay Lightning 2002-03 - New Jersey Devils 2001-02 - Detroit Red Wings 2000-01 - Colorado Avalanche 1999-2000 - New Jersey Devils 1998-99 - Dallas Stars 1997-98 - Detroit Red Wings 1996-97 - Detroit Red Wings 1995-96 - Colorado Avalanche 1994-95 - New Jersey Devils 1993-94 - New York Rangers 1992-93 - Montreal Canadians 1991-92 - Pittsburgh Penguins 1990-91 - Pittsburgh Penguins 1989-90 - Edmonton Oilers 1988-89 - Calgary Flames 1987-88 - Edmonton Oilers 1986-87 - Edmonton Oilers 1985-86 - Montreal Canadians 1984-85 - Edmonton Oilers 1983-84 - Edmonton Oilers 1982-83 - New York Islanders 1981-82 - New York Islanders 1980-81 - New York Islanders 1979-80 - New York Islanders 1978-79 - Montreal Canadians 1977-78 - Montreal Canadians 1976-77 - Montreal Canadians 1975-76 - Montreal Canadians 1974-75 - Philadelphia Flyers 1973-74 - Philadelphia Flyers 1972-73 - Montreal Canadians 1971-72 - Boston Bruins 1970-71 - Montreal Canadians 1969-70 - Boston Bruins 1968-69 - Montreal Canadians 1967-68 - Montreal Canadians 1966-67 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1965-66 - Montreal Canadians 1964-65 - Montreal Canadians 1963-64 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1962-63 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1961-62 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1959-60 - Montreal Canadians 1958-59 - Montreal Canadians 1957-58 - Montreal Canadians 1956-57 - Montreal Canadians 1955-56 - Montreal Canadians 1954-55 - Detroit Red Wings 1953-54 - Detroit Red Wings 1952-53 - Montreal Canadians 1951-52 - Detroit Red Wings 1950-51 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1949-50 - Detroit Red Wings 1948-49 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1947-48 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1946-47 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1945-46 - Montreal Canadians 1944-45 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1943-44 - Montreal Canadians 1942-43 - Detroit Red Wings 1941-42 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1940-41 - Boston Bruins 1939-40 - New York Rangers 1938-39 - Boston Bruins 1932-33 - New York Rangers 1931-32 - Toronto Maple Leafs 1930-31 - Montreal Canadians 1929-30 - Montreal Canadians 1928-29 - Boston Bruins 1927-28 - New York Rangers 1926-27 - Ottawa Senators 1925-26 - Montreal Maroons 1924-25 - Victoria Cougars 1923-24 - Montreal Canadians 1922-23 - Ottawa Senators 1921-22 - Toronto St.

The MHC, in fact, first refused the awarding of the Cup unless it was the acknowledged winner, but the players were later placated by gifts, most notably rings (engraved MHC), recognizing their achievement. The only conditions attached to the cup would be submitted officially at the annual meeting of the Hockey association, and it was expected that the conditions would be agreeable to all clubs concerned.

The Montreal AAA were awarded the first Stanley Cup even thought the Montreal Hockey Club, which had recently become affiliated with the AAA, formed the basis of the team. He would simply remark that His Excellency took great interest in hockey and had frequently made known his intention of giving a trophy.

"There does not appear to be any such outward sign of a championship at present, and considering the general interest which matches now elicit, and the importance of having the game played fairly and under rules generally recognized, I am willing to give a cup which shall be held from year to year by the winning team." Shortly thereafter, Lord Stanley purchased a silver cup measuring 7 inches high by 11 inches across for the sum of 10 guineas (approximately ); appointed two Ottawa gentlemen, Sheriff John Sweetland and Philip D.

Ross, as trustees of that cup; and set the following preliminary conditions to govern the annual competition: The winners to return the Cup in good order when required by the trustees in order that it may be handed over to any other team which may win it.

Today the Monkland Tennis Club is a vibrant community of junior, intermediate and senior playing members, as well as our social members who enjoy a much improved club house facilities, a warm social environment and great tennis – on the best clay courts in Quebec. In 1939 a group of tennis players led by George Payne formed the Monkland Tennis Club and Courts Limited – the ownership body.

The land that the Monkland Tennis Club sits on was once sold by P.

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club has a thriving membership of 2,400 and is one of the more popular centers for exercise and entertainment in the city. For many years the athletes of Montreal and Ottawa had had the pleasure of meeting each other. Taylor then accepted the cup in a brief but very appropriate speech.

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