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Of course there’s always the occasional literary character or name featured prominently in a popular song, but you can view our Musical or Literary categories for a more in-depth look at those influences.Rather, in this section we are painting our brush a little more broadly.Popular prefixes and suffixes always seem to either be the “in” thing or else getting ready to jump the shark.One such example are the ever-present boy names ending in the “-den” suffix: Aiden, Brayden, Jayden, Hayden, Kaden, and even Zayden.

Also on our list of trendy names are the current most popular for boys (Jacob, Ethan, Michael, etc.) and for girls (Isabella, Sophia, Emma, etc.) as well as the hyper popular surnames-turned-first-names for boys (Logan, Jackson, Landon) and for girls (Addison, Madison, Kennedy).Get a load of all these examples: Aaliyah, Amiyah, Aniyah, Jaliyah, Janiyah, Kaliyah, Laniyah, Maliyah, Mariyah, Saniyah, Taliyah, Zaniyah and Zariyah. There are yet more names which seemed to appear on the charts from total obscurity and then took off like wildfire.The best example of this is Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards), but we also found some interesting female names indigenous to native north and south Americans: Itzel, Nayeli and Yaretzi.Perhaps the one that should be added to the “oh-my-God-you-really-didn’t-do-that” category are the people who named their daughters and sons after reality MTV star (Teen Mom) Maci Bookout and her son Bentley whose names both soared on the charts; and the male name Talan we get from a real person on MTV’s Laguna Beach.Dating all the way back to 1999 and MTV’s Real World Hawaii gave us one of the first reality TV stars Amaya (Brecher) whose bad behavior did little to dissuade young parents from using her name on their daughters.

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Kiara was the baby daughter lioness in Disney’s The Lion King II and Anastasia was the eponymous character in another Disney animation.

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