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Monday's episode closed with the 48-year-old Roloff being found collapsed at his home. (See the sequence of events here at this Roloff fan page.)Did Roloff have a heart attack? Fans were left to fill in the blanks for themselves. As Internet chatter can attest."Just watched tonight's show," a viewer posted on the show's official message board. "The very-much-alive Roloff does: He was felled by an attack of vertigo, or dizziness."For those wondering…the reality of my collapsing was REAL," Roloff posted on his Facebook page today. He has two brothers, Zachary Roloff and Jeremy Roloff. His parents and one of his siblings are beset with dwarfism.He shares the family’s adoration for soccer, and Jacob is as talented in the game simply like his siblings.Jacob is a drop out from the school because he wanted to study from home independently. He is not a graduate yet and he has no plans of going to college.Because he thinks that one can learn a lot more for a lot less.För att göra innehållet personligare, anpassa och mäta annonser och erbjuda en säkrare användarupplevelse använder vi cookies.

Jacob and Isabel keep sharing their pictures and posting it on their social media profile like Instagram and Twitter.

The farm is so popular that it is the tourist destination as well.

Currently, he is filming for a reality show based on revealing the truth which people acknowledge. There are rumors that Jacob Roloff will be continuing the show, Little People, Big World but it was just a rumor.

But looking at him it is certain that he is taller than his dwarf parents.

Jacob is active on social media like Twitter and Instagram. He has over 26.7k followers on his Twitter account and over 173k followers on his Instagram account.

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