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However, since the strictly underground scene in Greece is very small, we will also include some information about other active IT security related groups and forums. id=ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ&mt=22 [ id has been replaced to protect the innocent (us) ] * * * What you can do on orkut: - CONNECT with friends and family using scraps and instant messaging - DISCOVER new people through friends of friends and communities - SHARE your videos, pictures, and passions all in one place [ Sounds like it would change my life. ] Kind Regards Stephane Camprasse, CISSP [ At first we wanted to laugh, then we saw you are serious business. ] Rob --- From: Elias Subject: One paper can change everything! Thank you for playing "rm me harder" w/ phrackstaff! If yes, I can send you some of the files for trial, if you are successful, I am willing to pay for it. [ Now that they've caught Osama, they should have some free time. ] i can go to a detective then civil lawyer but that would take way too mush time and an exorbitant amount of money.There is a going to be a second part to this article at a future issue in which we will present in detail the past of the underground Greek scene in all its gory glory. ] Help Center: [ To tell you the truth, help won't be necessary at this point : Subject: Invitation to connect on Linked In Linked In ------------ I'd like to add you to my professional network on Linked In. ] --- From: [email protected]: edition 64 infected by OSX: Niqtana Hello there, of the magazine number 64 appears to be infected: viruses-and-spyware/OSX~Niqtana-A/[ Wow. ] --- From: Domenico ****** Subject: Mailing Lists Phrack Dear Phrack Staff I would like to subscribe at mailing lists of Phrack but email addresses provided by the site not exist. ] [ Subject: A request regarding pdf files [ Our resident Adobe consultant is currently on holidays. ] Hi, I have downloaded some adobe 3d files from a website, and need them to be converted into autodesk inventor ipt files. [ Clearly, you've mistaken us for the cheap option. ] if you think you can help me i'll give you my phone number, i can then better explain why this way for me would be the only way to go, i lost 20 years of my life's hard work, i just want to locate this person.

One glance at the website content tells you that there is some truth to what the actual ICA(indishell) guys and other say and reminds you of the infamous plagiarism cases (Ah!Sincere apologies of the staff if this was not good enough. At the moment receive a diploma is very expensive, takes time and power.- (Greek) people may argue that the description was not accurate itself but as you can remember, it was written with the idea of being completed in this release: Volume 0x0e, Issue 0x43, Phile #0x10 of 0x10 --- In this brief article we will attempt to give an overview of the current state of the Greek computer underground scene. ] Best Regards Domenico ******* --- From: Robert Simmons Subject: phrack via email Do you have a mailing list that sends phrack out via email, or at least an email reminder to go download it? What would be the point in a bloggo/twitto world where information spreads that fast? ORDER DIPLOMA RIGHT NOW AND RAISE THE PROFESSIONAL LEVEL, SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE! You have to open it with Acroread 9.x though, since you're only worth an 0lday to us. Our local liquor store no longer accepts PDF conversion techniques in exchange for beer. Luna --- From: sabrina Subject: don't know where to go hi, i'm in need of someone to help me in a cyber cat burglar kind of way. police, fbi, fed trade commission all to busy with terrorist.We got a very good feedback both IRL, on IRC and through the comments on the website. As you will soon find out, we had quite a bunch of (un)interesting mails this year which we would like to share obviously ; Before going further, a quote from the last loopback is necessary: --- We humbly apologize to all guys we never answered to neither by mail nor through this phile because we suck at filtering our spam (this could _absolutely_ not be a laziness issue, right?) --- That said, we have to thank all the people that (un)voluntarily sent their contributions, whatever these were.


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