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in fact this happens with the majority of other computers.What this means is i end up updating itunes or reinstalling regularly. But most importantly, this alternative player needs to be able to access and edit my current itunes library.Then, any machine you use, you could install the same version of i Tunes that you use.

You can add and delete music, videos, podcasts, and more.It’s lightweight and works nice for managing your music collection without i Tunes.You can also listen to the music through your computer with your i Pod or i OS device plugged in.Personally, I'm surprised you're tech savvy enough to manage keeping the library file and music files on an external and don't mind shift-opening every single time since you can't be bothered to have a "home base" for your i Tunes library, but you are bothered by downloading 60-80 MB of data four or five times a year.Of all the things I've ever wanted to change about i Tunes, slowing down the snail's pace of development further is not on that list.

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I have my itunes library stored on an external harddrive and expect to be able to take that around with me to use on whatever machine i come across.

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