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Dating money talk

Face it, these are important things you want to know about a man, yet they’re topics you’re taught to tip-toe around.

And while you don’t want to get stuck in a relationship with a walking financial disaster, you need to carefully pick your moments when it comes to bringing up the M-word during those early weeks of a relationship. What kind of debt is it (a student loan or debt from shopping sprees)? Once you’re married to someone his or her debt becomes yours, so you need to make sure you’re okay with it and that there’s a (joint) plan to pay it off. Deal with differences My husband and I had totally different spending habits when we got married — he was a spender and I was a saver.These days my husband is more of a penny-pincher than I am for example, so we’ve shifted our habits over time.But we both give a lot to charity and we’re jointly committed to saving for the same big goals (retirement, bigger house etc.). When to talk about merging your money As soon as you take on joint expenses (e.g., moving in together or getting married) you need to talk about how you’re going to handle the expenses. Make sure you figure this stuff out as a couple before you make the big move or walk down the aisle, so you can transition into life together without stressful money fights.Like a lot of couples in the early stages of a relationship, my husband and I didn’t talk about money or how much we earned — in fact, asking that kind of question on the first or second date would have been pretty gauche (hello, gold digger).But according to a recent poll from TD Bank and Environics, one in five people aren’t totally up front when it comes to talking about money their significant other. Do you like taking risks or are you more attracted to financial safety? Your big debt reveal Don’t wait until you’re moving in together or planning a wedding to talk about debt.

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Do you expect to live in a certain city, eat a certain way or enjoy certain activities on a regular basis? Do you plan to leave money to your kids or a charity? (I’m assuming, btw, that you’ve set yourself up to enjoy this.) #2. Now…is that dream your first priority or is finding that man to share your life?