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For example, one woman might find that she lusts after her partner, is attracted to him, and securely attached (perhaps that is the ideal).

Another woman might lust after one man, be attracted to a second, and feel comfortable and attached to her partner only.

It’s not your job to get into his head when you meet a man.

So communicating your needs is the most powerful qualifier, as well as continuing to respect yourself so that a man respects those needs, listens to them, and understands you.

They also have difficulty with men they label attractive "jerks", who disrespect them, ignore their needs, and break hearts. I would like to posit that cultural and biological factors have been pitted at odds, leaving women in a "no win situation" most of the time in modern life.

In her book, Why We Love, author Helen Fisher describes three types of love: Each of these types of love can have very different origins and be independently expressed for different people.

HIS LIFE STAGE An easy way to find out about this is to ask a man questions about his career. Does he talk with excitement about his job, or does he seem worn down and unmotivated?

They lament over the guys that they say are stuck in childhood, not taking responsibility for their lives.

They complain about the men they call "nice guy, push-over" types, who don't stir passionate feelings. Personally, I would like to offer an alternative hypothesis—one where women have been put in a very unfulfilling double-bind.

HIS MATURITY LEVEL What I’m referring to here is “emotional” maturity.

You can find out about this rather quickly when you meet a guy simply by observing how he reacts to things and how he treats the people around him.

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