Dating for firefighters Free sex and chat robot

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Dating for firefighters

And in general, I imagined that my twenties would more closely resemble the articles in There is, however, one fantasy that did not fall short of my delusions.

As I personally discovered recently, hanging out with a bunch of firemen while they cook you dinner in the station and let you tag along as they handle minor crises is as awesome as you would imagine.

Every lovable stereotype about these professional heroes is true.

In between saving lies, they just kind of hang out, watch TV, play pool, and apparently cook elaborate feasts and do chores all together like taller, studlier versions of the seven dwarves. So here’s my advice to anyone who has wanted to meet and potentially date a fireman.

The most important being that it’s a helluva lot easier to get a date with a fireman (if you’re into that sort of thing) than I originally thought.

I mean, it’s not like they’re hard to spot: They ride around in huge, red trucks with blaring sirens.

Chances are that someone will be around to greet you at the station. Maybe bring a baked good so you can pretend that you’re just a friendly local who wants to thank them for their tireless service.

Do that if you’re shy and don’t want to admit that your motives are actually driven by clichéd sexual fantasies. It also says “I’m the type of girl who would love to be invited to your fire station for a meal.” This is exactly how my roommate and I ended up eating tri-tip and polenta with firemen.

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You should do this anyway for obvious reasons, but also know that a nice perk of being a good samaritan is that firefighters will show up when you call.

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