Camerada sex

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Camerada sex

April 18, 2014Brittany Fintel was attacked by her Lead Petty Officer while stationed on the USS Grindley.

Connie Sue Foss was raped three times during a seven-year military career.

Connie retreats into her own thoughts, while her daughter hovers near the bathroom door of their apartment.When their case went to trial, they met a fourth young woman who had recently been raped by the same company commander, and felt guilty not having come forward sooner.They sit in their hotel room after attending the Truth and Justice Summit on MST in Washington, DC.Elisha thought about faking suicide to get away from him.They did not report the harassment for fear of being kicked out, but came forward when they met a third victim.

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Now she suffers with PTSD brought on by MST and is often unable to work.