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They scream, naivety, and please rip me off and the locals are only happy to oblige.That said I have also met hyper Alpha Yanks, especially one black guy from Queens who smashed all around him. Though most of the American dudes(except the 60 something yr old guy who talks about girls like used cars) seem very naive and beta, I found most of the Ukranian women in the video sincere.

Odessans do not put out easily,not for foreigners anyhow, ask Greek Kamaki. They have a saying, "they will not give out for free what they can get paid for". Julia made an interesting observation about how internet dating has boosted her self-esteem - namely, she got so much attention from dudes online that she no longer worried about the fact that Russian men rejected her for being divorced with a child.A fairly interesting documentary that follows some Westerners attempting to date in the Ukraine via dating agency.Worth watching whenever you've got time: Some of the betatude on display here gets comical at points, though.His friend Tony has no game, but dude thinks he's a boss. These are the kind of guys who get took for everything they are worth by these chicks. That docu is from August 2006 but I watched it the other night and by the end my head was in my hands. I feel sorry for the guys but I could smell scam a mile off from the women. Your auld man, the fat lad and the Iraq War veteran are Omega dudes. I would love to see a documentary done fast forward of where these lads are now and I would guess to say that many are still single with a huge hole where their bank accounts once were.Bring em to the US, get their papers, and the chick ends up banging the bartender down the street and then taking her husband for half. I hate saying this but the majority of Yanks I have met on my travels have been borderline to this.

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I have had friends who went to Odessa, they tell me 1 in 3 girls are hot.