Accommodating different learning styles

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Accommodating different learning styles

Some of these include Gardner’s multiple intelligences, Mc Carthy’s 4-Mat System, and the Myers-Briggs personality type indicators (Ebeling 2000).

Haar, Hall, Schoepp & Smith (2002) define learning styles as “individual differences in the way information is perceived, processed, and communicated.” There are two main points to cover when discussing learning styles.

Accommodating students with different learning styles is a necessity.

Students who are visual learners are provided with pictures, diagrams, charts, and graphs, and when possible students are asked to construct pictures, diagrams, charts, and graphs.

I've come to use a multitude of instructional methods in my classroom.I also help my students understand their learning styles by teaching them about the "true colors"--personality and learning styles characterized as blue, orange, gold and green learners.This study helps them in group-processing, since it promotes understanding and appreciation of differences in learning styles.The first part is the specifics of each learning style. The second part is how to teach someone who is a certain style or combination of styles. Learn best when they can talk and interact verbally. Like to be read to or to read out loud, but not silently.

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Ask numerous questions to better understand the information, and this is often perceived as “not paying attention.” 8.

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