Accommodating conflict management

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Accommodating conflict management

On the horizontal axis, there are uncooperative techniques that include forcing and avoiding. Conflict Management Styles Implications and When to Use Here are the implications of the various conflict styles, and when to use them. The outcome is that the person using this style feels vindicated, and it occurs at the other person’s expense.Cooperative techniques include collaborating and accommodating. This style an be used at times of emergencies and when it is necessary to force through an issue that must be done quickly.This style is low assertiveness and low cooperativeness. It is appropriate to use this style when there are issues of low importance, to reduce tensions, or to buy time.

Avoiding is an unassertive and an uncooperative technique.

It can be a useful tool to preserve the relationship.

But the drawback is that one’s true issues are not being met. And it can result in a loss in power or face over time, and it can be seen as the other person taking advantage of you.

The overuse of conflict avoidance can often be a result of childhood experiences, past work-related incidents, and negative experiences with conflict resolution.

Behaviors associated with the overuse of avoidance include being silent, sullen, and untruthful when asked if something is wrong being.

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This can inhibit brainstorming sessions from being productive and can prevent the team from functioning.

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