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Keri Lynn Hilson (born December 5, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter, and actress.

She was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia, and spent most of her youth working with producer Anthony Dent, as a songwriter and background vocalist for several R&B and hip hop artists.

Though a number of Danvers' structures have been lost to fire and "progress," much of the town's period architecture still survives, and its written records have been preserved, making Danvers an important and accessible area for period study. Close by is the family burial ground including the grave of witchcraft victim George Jacobs, as well as the monument to Rebecca bearing a poetic epitaph written by John Greenleaf Whittier. Beginning in 1671, the men of Salem Village performed military drills here. Accessible by a cart path, this archaeological site is the famous parsonage of Salem Village, the focal point of the witchcraft delusion of 1692. The house is owned by the Danvers Historical Society. The central 11 acres owned by the Historical Society are surrounded by the 140 acre town owned Endicott Estate which include farm buildings, parks, a playground and walking trails. Samuel Mc Intire designed this ornate Federal style garden house for Elias Hasket Derby. The two-and-a-half story structure is decorated with pilasters, swags, and Grecian urns, and is topped with carvings of a farmer and a milkmaid. The seat of local government, the original central portion of this building was built in the Greek Revival style. On the foyer wall are three WPA murals depicting Danvers' pioneering spirit, civic involvement, and economic growth. The original building burned and was replaced in 1892 by the present classic Georgian Revival structure.

On the homestead grounds is a replica of the 1672 Village Meeting House which features a sound and light program. Admission price: Adults: ; Children 16 and under: ; members of the Nurse Homestead Preservation Society: Free. In 1709 Nathaniel Ingersoll willed the field as a "training place forever." On April 19, 1775, many of the Danvers Minutemen traveled from here to the Lexington Alarm, suffering heavy casualties. Open Tuesday and Thursday, a.m.- p.m., June to September. The arched door leads to a delightful walled rose garden designed by Herbert Browne. In 1930 Danvers adopted the representative form of Town Meeting and in 1949 the Town Manager Act. This building, with its fine collection and facilities, is the cultural center of Danvers. Danvers Archival Center (Within Peabody Institute Library). This memorial is in memory of the 25 people who died as a result of the 1692 Salem Village witchcraft hysteria. Here in this house lived sickly Sarah Osburn, one of the first three accused of being a witch in 1692.

Her second studio album, No Boys Allowed, was released in 2010 and was considerably less successful than its predecessor; however, it included the platinum single, "Pretty Girl Rock".

Tapleyville emerged in the 1830s as a center for the production of woven carpets where English and Scottish weavers settled and made their homes. This house, first occupied by Jonathan Ingersoll in the 1790s, was bought in 1814 by Cpt.A member and President of the Continental Congress, he helped frame the Articles of Confederation and was a member of the early U. Also located here is the Brehaut Witchcraft Collection, the largest collection of imprints relating to the 1692 Salem Village Witchcraft. The headquarters of the Danvers Historical Society, the hall houses numerous objects relating to the history of Salem Village and Danvers. Hutchinson-Kimball House (ca 1700), 84 Forest Street. The Victorian Gothic Kirkbride complex on the crest of the hill was built between 1874-1877 under the direction of architect Nathaniel Bradlee. On this site was erected a fortified house to keep watch for possible Indian attack. The superb stone of Elizabeth Parris with a poetic epitaph by Samuel Parris is also here with other ancient stones. The birthplace of the Loyalist lawyer, James Putnam, this house was later the part-time residence of Timothy Pickering, Secretary of State under Washington. An early settler to the area lived in this house, which exhibits a rare plaster coving below the front roof. This cement clad house with its octagon shape was a mid-19th century American inspired architectural design. This plaque commemorates the encampment of General Arnold's forces in Danvers while on their way to capture Quebec.Open Monday - p.m.; Wednesday & Thursday a.m.- p.m. The Society pursues an active program of interpretation and preservation and has various ongoing exhibits throughout the year. In 1700 the village church was erected here, as were subsequent churches, and here Ann Putnam, chief witch accuser, made a plea for forgiveness. Thomas Haines, innkeeper, lived here during the witchcraft outbreak and gave testimony which helped send Elizabeth How of Topsfield to the gallows. Attached to the right of the house is a structure called a Beverly Projection. During the King Philip War Holten was wounded at the Narragansett fight. Many Danversites took part in this valiant but vain expedition. This house was owned by shoe manufacturer and prominent abolitionist Alfred Fellows.She has contributed in the fight against HIV and AIDS, helped various relief efforts for natural disasters, and become involved with several educational organizations.In 2012, Hilson made her acting debut in the romantic comedy film, Think Like a Man.

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